All aboard, as you are taken on a journey, from rum's miraculous conception on the Caribbean sugarcane plantations through to the superior spirit it is today. 


The rum school at The Bristol and Bath Rum Distillery offers the unique opportunity for our guests to explore the fascinatingly diverse world of rum in unique rum packed experiences. 

  • Be entertained with rum’s rags to riches story, the dark chapters, the light hearted ones, in interactive classes that will entertain and inform. 

  • Enjoy classic rum cocktails and learn of  their colourful histories too. 

  • Have the science demystified behind rum’s creation and the many different processes that are used in its production throughout the world. 

  • Explore rum's many personalities.  Learn about new ways to understand rum, and approach the spirit through fresh informed eyes. 

  • Get inspired with a spiced rum tasting sessions, as you're guided through the many different spices, botanicals and fruits used by distilleries all over the world. 

  • Be the distiller, as you choose your own from over 40 here at the school, to spice and re-distil your own 70cl bottle of rum. 

  • You can even name your rum, personalise the label and wax the top.

Whether you’re a local, a visitor, a rum enthusiast, an adventurous newcomer to the spirit or simply looking to enjoy a unique “rum-packed experience”, enrol now in the rum school. 


School has never been so much fun!

We have 2 different rum making experiences hosted every week at the rum school.

We are currently running a limited schedule of experiences.

  • RUM MAKING EXPERIENCE on Friday and Saturdays evenings only 

  • RUM MAKING EXPRESS on Saturday afternoons only


For more info and to book an experience check out the links below. 





Currently Friday & Saturday evenings only

Enjoy a rum masterclass, 5 classic rum cocktails and a spiced rum tasting.Then choose your spices, distil your own 70cl bottle of rum, personalise the label,wax the top and take it home.





Currently Saturday afternoons only

Choose your own spices, distil your own 70cl bottle of rum, personalise the label, wax the top and take it home. And enjoy 2 Dead Man's Fingers spiced rum cocktails too. 





Buy a voucher for our either the rum making experience or rum making express. 

A great gift for someone special that can redeemed anytime.





Business, pleasure or a cocktail of both, the rum school has a range of unique packages

for private parties.